PDF Creator for Windows 11
Create Adobe PDF files from all applications that can print on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Windows Server 2022!
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PDF Server for Windows 2022
Deploy PDF creation capability across your organization on Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, 2012, Windows Small Business Server, Citrix MetaFrame Server!
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About Us

PDFLogic = PDF + Logic

PDFLogic Corporation is a Software Development and Testing Services Company, with a focus on Imaging, Digital Publishing and Corporate Network industries. The Company is an innovator of leading-edge products and services for image processing and document management.

The Company's target markets are companies that deliver and exchange documents, designs, artworks, and digital materials. PDFLogic produces software from low level software testing, to high level multi-tier application development.

PDFLogic is distinguished by its record of innovative solutions to industry quality challenges. Sponsored by Business Starter Organization, PDFLogic created the first comprehensive independent methodology for conversion from XML to PDF.

PDFLogic developed the complete process and tools for PDF creation and conversion. PDFLogic partners with the leading technology companies to develop new solutions for document management.

PDFLogic was established in 2005 through the merger of DocumentStar Technology Inc.

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